Our Policies

Adoption Policy
New Beginning Animal Rescue does not adopt any animal on the spot. Once we receive an application, our dedicated group of volunteers works diligently to place all animals in the best home that suits both the adopter and the pet. We reserve the right to deny any person(s) application as well as follow up with the family after an adoption is approved.
After reviewing an application, applicants and their families will be invited to meet the adoptable pet. If they already have pets in the home, our animal will be cat/dog tested and we ask the applying family to bring their current dog(s) for a meet and greet.
Three references are required to be provided on our application form, as well as veterinary and landlord information if applicable.
All animals will be spayed / neutered, vaccinated, and micro chipped before going to their new home. There are no exceptions to this.
We do conduct a home check and may require pictures of your home or yard prior to us visiting your home in person. We bring every animal home to the adopters ourselves. The purpose of the home visit is to ensure the home atmosphere is a loving, safe environment.
An adoption contract will be signed by both New Beginning Animal Rescue and the adopter when the pet is brought home and the adoption is finalized. The contract states the adopter promises to take care of the pet for their entire life and meet all their needs both financially and emotionally. In the unfortunate event an adopter can no longer care for the pet, New Beginning Animal Rescue must be contacted and the animal returned to our facility. We do not allow re-homing or allow the animal to go to another rescue/shelter.

Companion Spay/Neuter Policy
New Beginning Animal Rescue diligently works educating people of the importance of spaying and neutering their pets. Although our organization is a no-kill rescue, there are many animals that are put to rest each year in the United States due to the over-population problem. Controlling the population of companion animals greatly reduces the senseless euthanasia of thousands of animals.
Aside from controlling the population, spaying and neutering pets also decreases their chances of tumors, cancer, and other health issues that can shorten their lives. Spaying and neutering also highly decreases the chances of pets possibly escaping the home and getting lost, hurt, or even killed on the street.
New Beginning Animal Rescue reserves the right to deny any applicant who already has a pet at home that is not neutered or spayed. The only exceptions we will consider is if the pet has health issues making the surgery a danger for them, or their age; they are too young or old to have the surgery performed while keeping them safe. We will not deny the applicant if they do choose to spay / neuter their current pet before adopting. We will offer to help financially assist them by utilizing our low cost spay / neuter program.
New Beginning Animal Rescue always follows the guidelines of a certified Veterinarian when spaying / neutering our animals. It will be ensured that each animal is healthy enough to withstand anesthesia and that they meet the required weight for surgery. This varies for different species and breeds. All animals will stay in our care until a safe procedure can be performed. The animal will only go home once they have been spayed/neutered and have recovered from their surgery.

Animal Admission Policy
Due to the fact that we are a no-kill shelter and every animal in our care stays at our facility regardless of their age or behavior until a loving home is found for them, we unfortunately cannot take every animal that is brought to us. Some of our residents have been with us for 3 plus years, therefore utilizing resources and space.
When we are requested to take in an animal we rely on the availability of our resources at that present time as well as if we have the space to care for the animal. In the event we cannot take in the animal, we offer tips, guidelines for training, and at times have offered to feature the animal on our page and assist with the re-homing process while the animal still lives with their current owner.

Euthanasia Policy
New Beginning Animal Rescue is a No-Kill shelter. Under no circumstance will an animal in our care be euthanized due to lack of space, lack of finances, age, breed, or behavior. All animals that come into our facility will live and stay with us, being treated with love, kindness, and compassion, until a loving home is found for that animal.
In the unfortunate event that an animal is suffering from an incurable disease or ailment, and only after all attempts to ease his/her suffering have been attempted and failed, New Beginning Animal Rescue will consider euthanasia in order to end the animal’s suffering. This will only be done after every attempt to help the animal is conducted and under the guidance and expert opinion of a qualified Veterinarian. This will not be done under any circumstance to any animal that has a disease that can be controlled with medication and live a quality of life. The only time this will be an option is if the animal is clearly suffering and nothing else can be done. Our Veterinarian will perform the euthanasia by lethal injection in a calm, serene environment, humanely, where the animal will not feel any pain or be frightened.