Have A Happy & Healthy New Year – By Adopting A Cat!

from the staff, volunteers, and adoptables over at
New Beginning Animal Rescue!

It’s a new year! The time when many of us prepare a list of resolutions with the hopes of making it a better year than the last. But did you know that simply adopting a pet can help you become happier and healthier?  So you’d be giving yourself a better life while also giving an animal one too!

Our cat loving friend Emily Parker,  Chief Creative Cat at Catological, recently sent us an Infographic illustrating the many ways cats can improve your happiness and health. She’s expressed that many times when people consider adopting a cat, thoughts of social and/or moral responsibility or just the general love for the poor animal come to mind. But she raised the question…did you know that on top of all of the above, it’s also a major health benefit?

Emily shared that there were a ton of recent studies which show that living with cats is beneficial for the entire family as they provide some substantial emotional and health benefits. They help reduce your blood pressure, reduce your chances of getting allergies, and reduce loneliness. It’s pretty amazing!  Emily combined some of her findings into an adorable and enlightening infographic, check it out below!

If you’d like to see more of the nitty-gritty details, be sure to check out the original infographic and article.


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