General FAQs

Where are you located?

We're currently located at: 
2515 Newbold Ave 
Bronx, NY 10462 

What time are you open? When can I visit?

Because we are volunteer run we are unfortunately unable to offer open hours to the public at this time so visits are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. You will need to e-mail us at to set an appointment if you'd like to visit and see all the animals up for adoption. We do this so that we can be sure a knowledgeable volunteer - who has experience directly with the animals - is there to assist you and help find the perfect fit for you, your family/life, and the animals. Please understand that this is for the benefit of potential adopters as well as the animals themselves as we want to make sure the home we are sending our animals to is a fit and forever home, reducing the number of animals that are returned to shelters.
We appreciate your patience and understanding and we're happy to help you find your match.

Is there parking available in the area?

There is usually free street parking around the area, assuming the area is not overly busy at the time of your visit.

Where can I find more information about adopting?

Please check out our <a href="">adoption page </a> for more information. 

Do all your dogs/cats have behavior or medical issues since you’re a shelter?

A big misconception about animal shelters is that the dogs and cats have behavior or health issues but this is not true. Most of the animals are in the shelter through no fault of their own. Many are found as strays, or abandoned by their family for personal issues.

How are you able to be a No Kill Shelter?

Because we are a no-kill shelter, we receive no City Funding and therefore we rely on private donations and our volunteers. This is how we remain a No Kill shelter. It's people like you who help us keep running and continue to support our community and its animals.

Where can I find more information about volunteering?

If you're interested in volunteering, please check out our <a href="">volunteer</a> page for more information

I still have a question, what can I do?

Please visit our contact page and get in touch, we’re happy to answer any questions you might have.

How can I help?

-Volunteering - Volunteer to help out with Animal Care (Find out more info on our <a href="">Volunteer Page</a>)
-Donating - Give Money, Drop-off Items, Order from our wishlist

-Fundraising - Some people have collected money items at their schools or jobs, some have held fundraising events on our behalf. 
-Ongoing sponsorships and partnership - If you are able to support us on a regular basis or through a special sponsorship/partnership please contact us at