Pedro To The Rescue – Saves Cat Stuck In Tree For Days

When no one else will help, Pedro Rosario comes running (sometimes literally) to the rescue!

This cat had been stuck up in the tree for five days. Community members had reached out to local authorities and emergency services but no one wanted take the risk. It took a man with a giant heart to risk his life, climb up a gigantic tree (without professional equipment or resources), and save this tiny life. He knew the cat would not survive if he did not take action so he put it upon himself to get the job done with the help of volunteers!

Pedro Rosario is the owner here at New Beginning Animal Rescue and this is not the first time he has gone above and beyond the people and animals of our community. Like the time he removed a 200lbs sewer grate to save a trapped kitten before a huge storm hit that would have killed her or the time he rescued two dogs thrown from a car.

You can watch the heart-stopping video right here:

And watch the Bronx News 12 coverage of it here on the News 12 website.

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