Adoption FAQs

I'm interested in adopting from your shelter, where do I start?

That's pawsome! We're happy to hear you are interested in adopting with us. First visit Petfinder or AdoptAPet to see who is up for adoption and learn about each one. Once you fall in love with someone (or maybe more than one), download an application here and send to or contact us directly if you have any questions. After that, we will be in touch.

You can also check out our calendar  and/or follow us on facebook to find out about our in-person adoption events where you can meet some of our adorable adopters.

I found my new best friend, now what do I do?

We're so happy for you! To start the adoption process, download an application and send it to the e-mail indicated on the application. 

I want to see a specific adoptable, can I just come by?

We're glad you found someone you want to bring home, however, not everyone resides at our shelter. Some of our adoptables are in foster homes. Please check the Adoptapet or Petfinder page of the adoptable you are interested in, it should indicate if they are in a foster home and have instructions on who to contact.  You can also e-mail us to make sure your adoptable is at the shelter and/or schedule a meet & greet.

If an adoptable is not in a foster home, you can set an appointment to meet by e-mailing

If an adoptable is in a foster home we can help schedule a time for you and the foster to meet. Just e-mail us at unless otherwise stated on their specific Adoptapet/Petfinder page.

Also note that sometimes our adoptables do go out for the day - whether for medical needs, adoption events or even just for a special day out of the shelter to enjoy the outdoors!

The adoptable I want to adopt is in a foster home, how can I meet him/her?

f the adoptable you are interested in is in a foster home, we can help schedule a time for you and the foster to meet up. Check their specific Adoptapet/Petfinder page for instruction or e-mail us

What are the adoption fees?

The adoption fee for cats is $100 or $150 if you adopt two together.
The adoption fee for dogs ranges from $300-$450
Fees include all our animals being spayed/neutered and vaccinated.
*Please Note: Prices on our website are subject to change. We will let you know what the exact fee is specific to each adoptable when you contact us about the one you are interested in.

What do the fees include?

Fees include all our animals being spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

What is the adoption process?

Once you find an adoptable you are interested in, you will fill out an application, and return it to us either in-person or via e-mail. We call your landlord (if applicable) to make sure you can have pets, check references and do a home visit. We can set up an appointment for you and your family (and/or other pets) to meet the adoptable. Once your application is approved and fees are paid, we set up a time for your new furry friend to come home to you. 

How long will it take to hear back about my application?

Usually, we try to respond within a week or so - to the best of our ability. It may sometimes take longer and it also depends on how many applicants the adoptable already has ahead of yours. Many of us here at the shelter are volunteers who have full-time jobs and life obligations so we do what we can in the limited time we have available. 

I plan to visit the shelter/an adoption event, do you adopt on the spot?

No, we do not adopt on the spot. We have a thorough adoption process to make sure each pet is placed in a good, loving, furever home. We take every effort to make sure that are adoptables are going to the right homes right from the start so that they are well taken care of and will hopefully never have to face a shelter again.

When can I bring my pet home?

We understand your excitement to bring home your new furry pal.
As soon as your application is approved (which may take 1-2 weeks), we will contact you and set a time for you to bring home your new best friend.

Sometimes it may take longer if the pet has medical needs or has yet to be to be neutered/spayed and vaccinated, we will let you know if that is the case for your particular pet.
All kittens and puppies need to be about 2-3 months old before they are neutered/spayed and vaccinated and can not go home before that.

Do you foster?

We only foster to long-term volunteers in special cases. We normally do not foster out unless absolutely necessary.

I'm interested in a particular dog/cat, how do I know if s/he is still available?

The best way to know if someone is still available, please check our Adoptapet or Petfinder
 page. We try to keep those pages as up to date as possible. However, please note that some adoptables may have an application already pending, this does not necessarily mean they are not available as we continue to take applications until one is approved and finalized. 

I'm not local, how far out do you adopt?

We're glad you're interested in saving a life with us! We adopt as far as 2 hours away from our Bronx location (10462), with few exceptions. Because we are mostly volunteers with limited time and resources and we have an in-depth adoption process to make sure all of our animals are going to loving forever homes, we need to unfortunately limit our range. But if you are too far from us, we're sure there are some incredible shelters, rescues and animal centers with lots of adoptables looking for a home like yours so please be sure to look around. We wish you all the best in finding the very special furry friend.  

I already have a pet at home, how do I know if they will get along?

We try our best to examine the behavior of each of our adoptables and communicate that with you to the best of our ability during the adoption process. We can also set up meet & greets for your pets and the adoptable you are interested in. And many of our experienced volunteers are happy to share any tips and tricks they have learned during their own adoptions. 

Do you do meet & greets?

Yes! We want your family and any current fur friends you already have to meet your new pet to make sure everyone gets a long.

I'm interested in getting a pet as a gift for my parent/spouse/child/etc, can I adopt for them?

We do not recommend giving a pet as a gift. We want to make sure its true wuv for all people and animals involved. We highly recommend you bring that special someone into the shelter to meet all of our adoptables so that they can meet the perfect someone just right for them/you and your family. A visit to the shelter will probably be a gift in itself with the joy of knowing you're looking for your perfect new fur buddy and just imagine the look on their face as they find the perfect one (or two! who knows?).

My application was not approved, can I speak to the owner?

Our applications are reviewed by our application committee according to our policies and requirements. If you are not approved, we are very sorry but all decisions are final. We appreciate you wanting to save a life and we wish you the best in finding your perfect pet.

Is there an age requirement to adopt a pet?

Yes, you must be 25 years or older in order to adopt a pet.

I adopted a pet from your shelter and saw a photo of my pet on your page/social media, why is that?

Congratulations on your new pet and thank you for saving a life with us!
If your adoption was very recent, we sometimes have posts about our adoptables that are scheduled in advanced to go out at a future date. We do our best to catch these posts before they get posted, however, as volunteers, we are all working on very limited free time and there may be some delays. But don't worry, your pet is in his/her new home and will stay there.
We also may sometimes use photos of our adopted pets (along with our adoptables) for other types of promotions from time to time. We bet your adoptable is super adorable, so he/she may appear on our social media, website, newsletter, products, etc.